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Simon Petrie, Resene Construction Systems - July 2015

I recently put two of my Managers through the Business Training New Zealand Management & Leadership workshop in Christchurch. I was extremely happy with the results from this training and what it has done for my staff. Courses can often be a let-down and don’t always deliver, but Business Training NZ certainly ticked all the boxes for us! My Managers came away with new skills and strategies to put into place back on the job and I am already seeing the positive results. They thought the course was run by an excellent and engaging facilitator in an effective learning environment and enjoyed networking with other companies and sharing experiences.  I am now recommending this course to other members of my team.   


Cathy Barrett, Practice Manager, Moore Stephens Markhams

We have always prided ourselves on our culture but knowing complacency is a dangerous thing in the business world, and being aware of the need to tweak a few areas, we invited Business Training New Zealand to tailor-make a training package to suit us. 

The content, delivery, feedback and follow-up has been a winning recipe for a noted improved attitude and interaction with clients, colleagues, and team members, as well as clarifying the need to live up to our brand whilst emphasising the importance of consistency and striving to be the best.

It was pleasing to see such positive comments from all of our team members (including the partners), as well as discovering that 100 percent of them said they would recommend the workshop to others.

A change is in the air and it is a change for the better, but the best part is ………… we have had fun along the way!

Congratulations and thank you to the Business Training New Zealand team who have successfully assisted us moving forward and improving our standards in the marketplace.


In house with Palmerston North City Council - February 2014

Business Training New Zealand delivered an excellent ‘Dealing with Difficult Situations’ workshop to our team.  The content and delivery were spot on and I am very impressed with the amount of preparation and customisation put into this training.  The presenter (Gerry) kept our staff fully engaged throughout and even went out on the job with our staff for a few hours to gain some first-hand knowledge and experience.  Three weeks down the track our team are still talking about the course and the benefits this has given them, dealing with the public, in their everyday jobs. 

Allan Davey, Solid Waste Operations Manager, Palmerston North City Council

Biz Trainers are ‘miracle workers’ who delivered an outstanding Management & Leadership workshop in Palmerston North. They exceeded our expectations completely and equipped our member of staff with core managerial skills and much, much more. These skills have been invaluable and have made an instant difference. The facilitator was excellent and was totally engaging and made the course very, very interesting. I would recommend this workshop to any company wishing to provide their staff with valuable managerial and leadership skills. Raewyn Weir, Manager AA Auto Centre

In house with Broadway Radiology 

Thank you so much, I really enjoyed this workshop. It was very interesting and I had so much fun. It taught me to stay positive always and to put yourself in others shoes. Mariza Piek  A really interesting, helpful and thought provoking workshop. Taught me to listen, communicate well and work together as a team. Sally Howell  A really valuable workshop run by a great facilitator. It made me aware of things I can do differently which I have already started to put into practice. Karen  This workshop was great. It was interesting, fun and very easy. It was great learning about attitudes and turning negatives into positives. Gill Power

Management & Leadership July 2013

This workshop was excellent and very informative. I have learnt a lot of new skills that I am sure I will be able to use with good results. One of the most valuable things I learnt was how to deal with situations that come up and the ways to resolve them without too much conflict.  Debbie Mackintosh – Napier Family Centre

Management & Leadership July 2013

A really enjoyable workshop. I enjoyed the delivery and learnt lots of new skills to take back to my work place. The facilitator was very down to earth and made learning more relaxed. The most valuable things I learnt from the day was delegation, feedback to staff both positive and negative, using reflective listening and understanding my own strengths and weaknesses.  Dallas Poi – Turanga Health

Management & Leadership May 2013

The Biz Trainers Management & Leadership workshop was exactly what I wanted and did not disappoint. It was an extremely useful and enlightening workshop and certainly one of the best I have attended over the years. The experienced facilitator was fun and engaged the group throughout the day.  It was great to learn new skills, particularly in identifying personality types and I have been able to use this model on my own team and also put into place other skills on how to deal with staff. A thoroughly enjoyable workshop.  Steve Ellis, Senior System Consultant, Computer Care

 Telephone Selling Skills - UCOL  

"Thanks for a great training experience.  The team needed to be reminded of the skills they had and you managed to get the best outof them; the training was very specific to our business and requirements which made it so much more valuable.  The good work is continuing back in the office and they have been really motivated by the experience (and the fantastic facilitator!).  I am confident that they will continue to improve and challenge themselves after being given some great guidance, tips and advice on how to focus their efforts.  Thank you once again for the experience - it was definitely worthwhile and I would be happy to recommend your services in future."  Sara Barker, CUSTOMER SERVICES MANAGER, UCOL 

Business Training New Zealand delivered a workshop on Time Management to our firm. The structure of the workshop was tailored to our objectives, the presentation was very informative, interactive and fun. Rachel was a fabulous presenter who got the whole team involved and they really enjoyed the workshop.


 The Business Training NZ Time Management workshop was one of the very best workshops I have ever attended!  An absolutely worthwhile workshop. It reaffirmed that certain things I had in place were spot on but it also taught me invaluable new skills needed to improve my work life. 


 Time Management

A very very helpful workshop.  It has given me the motivation to do what I must do which is to clear my desk and be permanently clutter free.


Hi Suzy, Just a quick note to say thanks for yesterday.  I came a sceptic and then thoroughly enjoyed the day, learnt some great new skills and met new staff which was great.  Thanks heaps for your presentation and humour, it was great and I will practice what was taught.


Supervising Others

 I found the Supervising Others workshop to be very beneficial. I took a lot away from it and would recommend it to others. Thank you.



  Time Management

This was a great workshop, providing awesome tips with a friendly and fun facilitator. This workshop has taught me how to delegate and priortise.  


 Time Management

A fun workshop that has given me lots of things to think about which I can action in my workplace. One of the most valuable things I learnt is that I can strive to better many things in my daily life.  

Vanessa Smith - UCOL



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